30 December 2008

Sunday Contest: Caption That Stupid Picture, Second Edition - Golden Wiener Award


Well, well, WELL, what have we here? Yessiree, can it be? Is it? It has to be!

Ladies and gentlemen and those in between, the Second Edition of the Irish Gumbo “Caption That Stupid Picture” contest has a winner! Or is that winners?

But before I get to that, I’d like to take a moment to bring your attention to the beverage service here on Air Gumbo. It’s right there on the left side of the page. Feel free to indulge, but be warned, Air Gumbo flight attendants don’t take no mess when it comes to inebriated oafish behavior. So please, drink responsibly. They are armed and can be dangerous.

On to the official announcement! Note: Links are in blue.

There was a really good turnout this time! Quite a few laugh-out-louders this go round. Wee Lass kept asking me what was so funny. I kept directing her attention to the panda video on the
Henry the Dog Diaries. Quite funny and a splendid diversion. With all the quality, it was a tad difficult to pick a clear favorite. However, in a flash of Guinness-inspired genius, things came together! The winning quotes (and I do mean quotes) make a pretty bit of giggleicious (non)sense when combined:

"I don't want,
Anybody else,
When I think about you I....
Uh…oh holy crap…uh…you’re, uh, home early….”

HA! Boy, we all know what that feels like don’t we? HaHaHa, ha….(crickets)

Not that I do. People talk you hear things. It made me laugh a lot when I strung them together. It made me think of something like that ‘
Dancing Dad’ Armstrong flooring commercial that came out earlier this year. Funny stuff!

The first part of that is from
Michelle at Michelle’s Blog, and the second part is from Braja at Lost and Found In India. So let’s have a big round of applause and a couple of ‘whut-whuts’ for the joint winners of the Golden Wiener award! (Winners, look below the free beer for your award.) Please visit them and petition them for some attention, now that they are like rock stars and all.

Special note to Braja: Irish Gumbo humbly apologizes for the tardiness in posting the winners. He knows better than to keep a lady waiting! (his mom raised him so).

And a special thanks to all who played in this edition of Stupid Photo Contest. Let’s all spread the joy to:

Captain Dumbass at Us and Them
Jen at Sprite’s Keeper
Sweet Cheeks at Sweet Cheeks has an idea…
Henry at Henry the Dog Diaries (good dog!)
Christina at Text Imps
Mama Dawg at Two Dogs Running (like the stoner concept!)
IB at Idiot’s Stew
Sarah at Sarah’s Blogtastic Adventures
Krystal at Mommy’s Escape 6.0
Ashley at Hunt and Beck
Charmaine at Middle Aged Dating (wish her luck with Bachelor #1)
Comedy Goddess at You Have to be a Comedy Goddess to Endure
Jan at Jan’s Sushi Bar (yumm…)
SSP at Smarty Pants Rants
Rawan at It’s All Good (give that lady a napkin!)
Miz blo at I Went Looking For Trouble

And a special shout out to
Rebekah at Waffles Waffles All Day Long. Her ship has hit a patch of rough seas as of late, so if you haven’t already done so, drop by and drop some luv. Good vibes for you Rebekah – If I haven’t said it already, thank you for your help on the resume!
Last call, folks! Drink up!


  1. dammit! I totally missed that post?! How the freakin f*#k did that happen?

    Well... good turnout anyway. I was too busy staring at that fried sandwich two posts down.

  2. holla out to Braja and Michelle! nice tag team on the little pink animal!!!

  3. Guiiiiiiiiinessssssssssssss. Dang, work night. I'm going to have to resist somehow. Because Guinness only leads to one thing and I'll get made no end of fun if I show up to work tomorrow in my kilt.

  4. Have you ever read a blog comment that was so frickin' brilliant that you find yourself staring at an empty comment box, utterly and completely paralyzed? And coming up with anything remotely as funny is just not even an option?
    Yeah, that was me when I saw the "when I think of you" caption. Suddenly, I had a butt-load of nada.
    So funny! Glad it won!

  5. That was the perfect combination, Bravo! Congrats you guys for being witty and smart and winning and stuff...

  6. That was pretty good, I couldn't really top it either! and there's a William's Sonoma across from where I work, and guess what they had on the window display? Oh yeah, it was your rack, there for all to see...

  7. YAY! Thank you. I love the combo :)
    Funny thing is, I knew it was incomplete somehow. Braja's entry is perfect!

  8. WOOT!! Hey cool, thanks Mr Irish. Neat. But can I have red wine? No? Crap...

  9. Thanks pal, I've never tried guinness - is it like chocolate?

  10. Guess what just came on my iPod? El Matador! Thought of you!

  11. Congrats to the winners!

    So, all I get to do is stare at the beer? I can't have one? I LOVE me some good Irish...beer that is!

  12. PPR: Fried stuff will do that to you, golden brown and delicious…

    The Mister: I find that as long as I don’t show up with my kilt on, say, my head, generally I don’t get too much guff…

    Robin: That happens to me all the time. ‘Butt-load of nada’: This could be a book title!

    It’s All Good: Was it calling my name?

    Michelle: definitely a yin/yang (or should that be ‘yoni-lingam’? perhaps Braja may know) moment, the two phrases just fit so well.

    Braja: You are most welcome! As to the red wine, I set out a glass for you under the Guinness, feel free to partake. I believe that was a pinot noir from California, I was enjoying a glass out on my deck…

    Henry: You’re welcome! Hmm. Guinness has been known to elicit the same reaction in me as chocolate does in The Spouse and many others I know. Unlike chocolate, it may be okay for dogs, but only in VERY small quantities. Wouldn’t do to have you staggering all around the house.

    Mama Dawg: Ole! Muy bien! Say, could I interest you in some delicious Irish bacon? ;)

  13. That caption is perfect! Why I just heard my husband singing that same song this morning.

  14. GUINNESS!!! I'm going to start coming here like... several times a day. YOU are my new best friend.

  15. Thanks Irish!
    How about a Black and Tan?
    Happy New Year!

  16. wait, where the hell was I? Jesus, I am ALWAYS the last to know.....

  17. I kinda figured the "Oh, uh, you're home early" caption would win.

    I was also going to tell you that your formatting? Hard to see in Google reader, dood. But then it occurred to me...from what I've seen of this Irish Gumbo guy, it's probably all part of his master plan.


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