02 December 2008

My First Sally Field Moment

I’m slow but I get there eventually, so tonight I have to acknowledge a very special event in the fledgling life of Irish Gumbo. It is awards time, and I have been blessed with not one, but TWO awards for my neophyte blog! Squeeee! I mean, Hells to the yeah!

The fine pair of swashbucklers, Captain Dumbass at Us and Them and GoodFather at GoodFatherBlog, have thwacked (in a purely manly, non-sexual sort of way) me upon my big bony noggin with the following awards:

and this:

I cannot begin describe how it made me feel upon learning of such an honor. That searing, gut-churning, volcano of nausea that flared up out of my belly…no, wait, that was just the two foot long chili dogs I had for lunch; no more street food for me! No, once I picked myself up off the bathroom floor and mopped my flushed and sweating brow, I did the Happy Dance three times around the toilet and then punched myself in the junk for good measure. These are manly awards, me hearties! Arrrrr!

In keeping with the spirit of the thing, there are some acknowledgements I need to make. Captain Dumbass did not (CD, I don’t think of it so much as “laziness”; let’s just call it “energy efficient”. Your Green, bro!), but cut him some slack. Probably tired from cutting out all those grilled cheese men. GoodFather inspired (annoyed) us all with his diligence in providing some rules, so I will do my best to uphold the tradition. Here goes:

1. Say one nice thing to a man in your life: Hmm. Okay, if I have to talk to myself: I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people LIKE me! (This was a tough one. Both of my cats are fixed, and my coworkers think I’m weird enough as it is.)

2. List at least six ways that you measure success in your life (or for your blog):
a) I get to work fully dressed. Most days.
b) I keep a promise when I make one.
c) I have stopped defining myself by what I do for a living.
d) I have surpassed my early target for blog posting by a wide margin.
e) It’s a good day when I make someone laugh.
f) It’s a good day when someone listens to me because they want to.

3. Assign this award to six other blogs and leave them a comment telling the blogger that you’ve assigned them this award: A bit tricky. I am so new at this I don’t know if I have six other blogs that haven’t already been listed. The fine folks below do deserve a holla:

Ali at Cheaper than Therapy: One of the first to a comment when I started. Thank you, Ali!
MomoFali at MomoFaliBlog: Another kind soul who checked in early. Thanks for the nudge!
Danny at DadGoneMad: If not for him, I probably wouldn’t have attempted any of this.
Tanis at Redneck Mommy: Profane, funny, smart – and brave, to boot!
Mama Dawg at Two Dogs Running: I made her snort her drink out!
Big Bro at Dr. Whoopee: He knows why.

4. Link back to the blog that you received this award from: And now a hearty chorus of “We’ve Got The Biggest Balls of Them All” for the biggest booty and longest measure, Captain Dumbass and GoodFather! Many thanks for hauling me aboard (but I will not be the ‘cabin boy’, no sir…)!


  1. For your banner alone you deserve them. It makes me smile every time I see it.

  2. Ha ha! I'm annoying! Yeah. Sigh. According to my word verification, I'm also 'seeping'. That can't be good :0

    Thanks for the link-back!

  3. Gentlemen:

    The honor is mine!

    BTW, what time do you guys get up in the morning? Or is that post time before you turned in?

    And mark your calendars for:



  4. Aw. *Blushing* Thanks.

    You totally just made my day.

    I mean, you like me! You really freaking like me! Squeal.

    It sooo pays to be an internet geek with no freaking life who spends all damn day talking to herself...


    I mean, thank you so very much.


  5. Dude. You said squeeee, but I will look past it...because I am big-hearted and cool like that.

    I think you're doing a fine job and I couldn't be more proud to show off my booty! Thanks!

  6. Awwwww.....you're makin' me blush.


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