20 January 2009

Pretty Sound Good - The Ponytail Files

I was all set: big mug o’ tea, laptop plugged in and fired up, remote in hand and the Gumbo buns parked on the couch to catch the inaugural events. Yeah, man, I was going to write this Big Important Post about how cool it was that things have changed, how Barack Obama is the President now, and what that meant for us as a nation. It was going to be GREAT.

But I found I couldn’t do it. Every time I tried to do it, I was sidetracked by the enormity of the events themselves. I was overwhelmed by Significance. This really is a pivotal moment in modern history, one that I am elated to witness. So elated, that there is nothing I could say to improve it. I had no spin, no take on it. It doesn’t need any gilding from me. I am, for the moment, left without something to say.

(thunk)(collective jaw dropping out there)

A first, I know. I’m a little disoriented by it myself.

In an effort to get myself a little more back to earth, I decided to cozy up to something a bit more earthy, and I was lucky that the Gumbo Image Files (a division of Freakflag Media©) had just the thing. Now I don’t feel so bad about clipping pictures out of the newspaper. I was flipping through my files and lo, looky at what I found! Something purty this way comes, so feast your peepers on this lovely lass:

Aaahhh….whuh….now, dammit, I know I had a point here….hold on (head between knees, taking a deep breath) WHOO! Okay! I’m back, sort of.

No, that is not a slightly curvy Audrey Hepburn (ooh, what an image that is!); that’s the most lovely Adele (after you click the link, scroll down – there is a color version of the above photo: HAWT!), a young* lass from London who has become quite the singing sensation. I first heard of her on my local tune source, WTMD, and the radio station was fortunate enough to have her stop by the studios for some vocal performances that they recorded. I have to say her voice has gotten to me the more I hear the music. She is in the same neighborhood as Joss Stone (rawr!) Sarah McLachlan (angel!) and Billie Holiday (O, summertime!). And that face in the picture?

Veered right off the path again. I was eating breakfast and reading the newspaper when I turned the page and saw it. I am not ashamed to say that the spoonful of ‘Honeybunches” or whatever that was on its way to my mouth ended up, in part, on my bathrobe. Good thing I suppose, as my jaw was sagging so much I couldn’t have kept anything in my mouth. I don’t remember for certain, but I may have actually drooled a little. Not sure. I do know that I sat and stared at that picture for a good two or three minutes before I finally woke up and turned the page.

And then I turned back to it. Three times, before I finished breakfast.

Then I looked at again. Twice. On the way to the recycle bin, at which point, I decided to cut it out of the newspaper. Can someone give me a clue as to what is wrong with me? Ida know, I keep getting gobsmacked by the wimmens. In this case, though I was in the safety and comfort of my own home, so I was in no danger of falling into a ravine or running into a tree. I did trip over the cat, though. Of course, when you combine looks with a good singing voice, it might as well be like this:

That’s me, the besotted chap there in the water. Hopefully, I’ll never end up wrecking a ship because I heeded the Sirens’ call (and I certainly don’t want to get eaten by a bird woman!), but I sure do like to look and listen. It’s distracting in a really, really good way.

Speaking of distractions, what are those people doing down on the Mall in Washington, D.C.? And who’s the dude with his hand in the air doing all that swearing?

*Young as in 20 years old. Can you believe that? Me neither. And no, I’m not a dirty old man. It’s just…purtyness, I can’t seem to escape it.

Siren image courtesy of Wikipedia


  1. I love her as well. I'm so glad you jumped on her bandwagon. She's great!

  2. Look - J-bunny with a ponytail!

    We have a new president?

  3. wow, what classic beauty. you have good taste, sir! she is breathtaking.

    *dirty old man* that made me giggle. i don't think i could ever think of you that way. ;)

  4. Just sent you an e-mail.

    Oh, and your word verification is "sedymen". Sediment gone bad or a new word for dirty old man? You decide.

  5. Hey you and I and the rest of us are oldish but not dead. Keep looking

  6. Adele is great - she really is. Also, I hate it when Significance gets in the way of my posts. It certainly does NOT belong anywhere near my writing! :)

  7. so, wazz wrong w dirty ole men?

    not that i'm that old, but the dirt does kinda stick to me between Satyrdays.


  8. I've had her cd on constant rotation on the iPod. Pretty great stuff - such a wicked talented girl. And yeah, you are old enough to be her dad, as you know...

  9. All that swearing (in) is great. It's a wonderful day here. So happy that Mr. Obama is our new president.

  10. Adele's voice is just gorgeous and she's such a typical down to earth British gal.
    She says she taught herself to sing by listening to the likes of Etta James and Ella Fitgerald.

    She is hugely popular here in the UK and had no idea she was making it over in the States.
    Good for her - although that Chasing Pavements video is just plain wierd!

  11. Oh how refreshing to have your grand inaugural post get replaced with dirty old man thoughts.

    Just kidding.

    About the dirty old man part.

    Not the refreshing part - I meant that.

    Happy New President Day! And Happy Ponytail Day!

  12. Well, she IS lovely! Nothing wrong with looking, old man. Now if you started hanging around outside her house and following her everywhere THEN you'd have a problem!

    I got to see some of the Inauguration today... missed the actual event though. I was at work and with 10 TVs on, you'd think I'd see the actual swearing in, but I missed it. But leave it to Ted Kennedy to upstage everyone by getting sick at the luncheon. I hope the old... guy is ok though.

  13. MD: She is! Happy to be aboard! E-mail is in: check! And ‘sedymen’ bothers me, not sure why…

    Grant: ! Oh, man that was funny-weird! And how did you embed that link? Oh, president, that’s what he is!

    CPM: I’m sayin’! In that shot at least, the Hepburn comparison is apt. (and thank you for your vote of confidence)

    Bernthis: Amen, to that! Having a pulse is AWESOME! (and I will)

    24@Heart: Yep. I’m working on that pesky Significance…

    BES: Satyrdays! Ha! Makes for a good weekend!

    OAM: I know, I know…sigh. ;)

    Syd: True that!

    Tara: Yep, good pedigree.

    Lee: All in a days’ work. Happy to be the minty in the minty fresh of your day!

  14. She is absolutely beautiful. I need to check her out...right after I get some sleep. It is rather late here in the UK.

  15. Joanie: You are right, whew, no need for me to worry. Besides, I'm too lazy to find out where she lives. :)

    Kat: Yes, she is. And sweet dreams!

  16. she's hawthawthawt. you can't be blamed.
    and seriously. the swearing. everybody's talking about teh awesomes swearing ins. what's the deal?

  17. Yowza! She's incredible. I've never heard her before, but I think I'm in love, in a non-dirty-old-man kind of way too.

    If that's possible. At my age.

  18. You're right, that picture immediately brought Audrey Hepburn to mind. Pretty!
    My word verification is nockeyed. Where does Blogger come up with this stuff?

  19. Aww you are adorable with your "crush". I think that's cute.

    Now if you go and put together some sort of shrine for her...

    We'll need to talk.

    Peace - Rene

  20. Pamela: WHEW! See, now I have proof, IT’S NOT MY FAULT! (and who knew those guys were such pottymouths!)

    Goodfather: Yowza, indeed! She has that effect on people…

    SK: Score! Audrey is kinda yum!

    Not The Rocks: Thank you (slowly closing door on photo, blowing out candles) No, no need for us to talk, heh, heh (whistling)

  21. That place looked packed... I wanted to go but after seeing that crowd, I'm glad I didn't. It was nice on TV!

    Both of the women in your pictures are beautiful, thanks for sharing! There's nothing wrong with ogling a beautiful woman now and again..

  22. I think there was a Sale at that Mall and the Dude doing the swearing missed out on all the Power Ties.

    That'd piss me off as well.

  23. I've never heard of her! I love new discoveries - I'm going to go check her out. (and I agree, you have discerning taste :)

  24. Thanks, I'm going to check her out... after I'm finished checkin' her out! Muah ha ha haaaa!

  25. She is a beauty! Lots of purtyness, as you say.

    I'll have to check out her music.

    Dude. Send me your address...I gotta a cap coming your way soon!

    Have I told you that you crack me up?

  26. Very pretty girl, I love female vox, going to check out the link, thank you! :) Back to the picture, back to the picture, lol.

  27. Adele rocks! That's as much fan gusto I can muster, but yeah, she is a great singer.

  28. You are great Oh Irish One ...for honoring Adele.
    And you are absolutely right (as usual)- she is completely and utterley lurverly..
    And you so are a dirty old man
    Methinks you doth protest too much...

  29. Bummer, I can't get photos up...but if there's a photo of you in there, Mr Irish, I'm comin' back :)

  30. Casey: Yes, I was okay with the TV view! Let’s say ‘admiring’…:)

    cIII: Ha! There’s a shortage on power ties, Cheney bought ‘em all.

    Vic: She aiight, and thank you!

    CD: Easy, bro, easy…

    Janie: She got it ‘goin’ on’ as the kids say…I’ll get you that address. I’ll try and keep you laughin’!

    Rachael: It’s a total package thing, looks/talent/singing in no particular order, I’m a sucka…

    Bella: Indeed!

    Belle: *blush* Well, I’m okay, I guess :). I’ve been scrubbing and scrubbing, I’ll be clean someday ;)

    Sunny: Word!

    Braja: Ha! I’ll send you the pics! *snort*

  31. I don't think even Audrey would have torn me away from the inauguration - and I didn't even get to vote. I'm

    June in Oz

  32. She is very purty - sort of like Pin-up girl, tattoo worthiness purty!!!

  33. June: I am easily distracted. (Sigh)

    Krystal: Word!


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