21 January 2009

Sunday Contest: Caption That Stupid Picture, Third Edition - WINNER! WINNER!

Yippee! Yippee! Hey, everybody, the new phone books are here!*

I want to thank everyone who stopped by and commented on this the 3rd edition of Stupid Photo Caption Contest, this was an amazing turnout, and there is an embar-ASS-ment** of riches this time around! With that in mind, I had a very difficult time picking a clear winner. There quite a few laugh out loud types, ‘spit-takers’ as we say in the biz. Very, very good stuff. You can all be proud!

Given that there were so many to choose from, I decided to break it down into some different categories, sort of like the Academy Awards with less cleavage. Well, frontal cleavage anyway. Here are the categories:

Honorable Mentions:
People’s Choice Award – self explanatory, I think.
Best New Vocabulary Award – For most interesting new word.
Far Side Award – For tapping into that ‘Far Side’ Spirit.
Golden Boot In The Ass Award – I have a weak spot for the footie.

And the Grand Prize:
Golden Wiener Award –They get the coveted ‘Irish Gumbo’ wiener award.

To mix things up a bit, I have also decided to randomly award one lucky person from the Honorable mention category to receive a IG wiener award as well. So, with further ado, let’s get to the awards, shall we? Let’s keep the acceptance speeches short and sweet, m’kay?

People’s Choice Award goes to…Michelle, at Michelle’s Blog! for “The lengths a man will go to avoid munching a rug..." She’s got something on her mind, what is it? Hmmm…

Best New Vocabulary Award goes to…Pseudonymous High School Teacher at Pseudonymous High School Teacher! for ‘sodomator’ as in “Daarth Vaaaader. I am your brother, lover, sodomator”. I don’t really know how she came up with that.

Far Side Award goes to…Kat, at 3 Bedroom Bungalow to Let in Crazytown! for “Jimmy thought rock climbing would be easy until he ended up on a sheer cliff and broke his neck. Bummer Jimmy, bummer.” I dig it. And out a shout out to Cambridge, UK!

Golden Boot In The Ass Award goes to…Red Squirrel, at Passably Content! For “Arsene Wenger's newest signing had heard of his Manager's reputation.....” Alright, probably only Red Squirrel, cIII and myself will get this one, but I’m a sucker for the football reference and, hey, Gooners have a sense of humor, too!

Randomly selected IG award: (roll a die, roll die) – Michelle!

And the big wiener, the ne plus ultra,

Golden Wiener Award goes to…Malisa at Moonlight Hollow Musings! for…
“Rump Ranger says, "I always keep my eyes open during sex!"

It could be a weird educational film mascot, or bizarre talking toy, even a cheesy action show: Rump Ranger Rides Again! (or should that be, 'Is Ridden Again')

Congratulations one and all!

To streamline the awards process, lucky winners can pick it up here:

And no cheating, this is the honor system. I think. Thanks so much to everyone for chiming in on this edition of the Stupid Photo Contest, I’m pleased and honored by your visits!

I hereby announce the formation of the Gumbo Primo League, consisting of some of the finest football***teams in the world. The Founding Teams are:

Arsenal – The Gunners – English (Irish Gumbo)
Tottenham Hotspur – ‘Spurs – English (Red Squirrel)
Liverpool – The Reds – English – (cIII at The Goat and Tater)

There is certainly room for more. If you would like to be included, please send me your favorite team, their name or mascot, the league and your name/blog or website. Favorite rallying cry or song would be cool, too. I will try and get links set up periodically. FOOTBALL; The Beautiful Game!

*Bonus points for the first person to correctly identify the movie quoted.
**’Bare ass’, get it? Hee, hee. I said ‘ass’.
***Soccer for the US fans. Although the other ‘football’ may be considered, if I like your team. I might even consider cricket and rugby. Send it in, let’s see what happens. I’ll work out the scoring later.


  1. Congrats to the winners and damn me for taking Sunday off to be with family. I missed it!

  2. Movie- The Jerk.

    "I've heard of this! Cat Juggling!! Father, could there be a God that allows this?"

    Go You Reds!!!!

  3. So my Dad is staying here while Shawn and I remodel his house. If I leave my laptop open for even a second (say while I pee) he jumps in front of it and starts reading my email and my blog. He isn't even secretive about it. When I text my friends he reads my texts if I forget to delete them.
    If I speak with anyone on the phone he will make comments later about the conversation. The scary part is..he isn't even here when I have said conversations. He is on the road hundreds if not thousands of miles away. I seriously think he has our house bugged. It is scary as hell. Glad you asked? lol

  4. Congrats to the wieners! I'm determined to win this one one day. I will, I promis you this.

  5. Of course, if I could remember the "e" on the end of promise, it might make it more sincere.

  6. Why thank you! I am honoured. ;)

  7. I would like to thank the Academy...and a special thanks to my gay theatre teacher, Rump Ranger! And I would like to thank Micky Rourke and all his dogs!

    Thank you!


  8. It's all going over my head like a big wave but mum's laughing out loud!!! xxxx

  9. PS: Michelle - mum & me voted for you. I didn't understand it but mum nearly choked - I go with mum even when I don't know what I'm going with....x

  10. Dammit, beaten to the bonus points! "C'mere, Shithead"

  11. OOOOhhh Can I play Irish? Rugby - for real men. My Team - Wasps.
    Football is for pussies..

    Come on then...
    Wind em up and watch em go...

    I'm ready for you boys.

  12. SHITFUCKASSPISS... I did not win a damn thing. oh well....congrats to the winners! Maybe next time for me!

  13. Hey!!! Thankee. It came to me cos I thought it looked a bit like Luke Skywalker. Sodomater kind of rythmed with Vader....and wel yeah, the postition and all.

    Bedside TalesMan should get something for stringing SHITFUCKASSPISS right above me.

  14. Whooohoooo Pseudo was a winner!

    Damn - I was all set to follow the new phone book ("I'm a Somebody. My name in print") quote with "Things are going to start happening for me now." Classic cinema, my friend.

  15. SK: For the family? Shame on you..:))

    cIII: Check out the big brain on you! 3 bonus points to the Reds man!

    Michelle: That’s effed up. I’ll keep that in mind!

    MD: It is that all important ‘e’ that does it.

    Michelle: You go girl!

    MHH: So that’s the inspiration!

    Henry: It is quite funny. If I could think of a way to put it in doggie terms, I would explain to you.

    TBF: Well, that is a good line, so 1 bonus point to you!

    Belle: Ladies are welcome to the league! Guess you are out of luck! (bada bing!)(grin)(sorry, that was a cheap shot)(please don’t send your rugby friends to beat me up) Hey, I didn’t know cats liked football! (rim shot)..hehe. What’s the full name, location of the Wasps?

    BTM: No, but very creative epithet there! Isn’t that a small town in New Jersey?

    PHST: Excellent, now we have an etymology!

    OAM: Oh, alright, 1 bonus point to you. It is classic, after all.

  16. Repeats what BTM said! lol Do I not even get an award for trying?! :D

  17. London Wasps
    High Wycombe
    United Kingdom

  18. I'm just here for the food . Waiter???

  19. I think this is the first time I have ever got recognition for a caption I have come up with. Thanks IG! I shall display my award with pride on my awards page :)

  20. Woohoo I'm a winner :)

    Spurs had a lucky escape last night in a game so intense a Burnley fan in the ground died of a heart attack in the second period of extra time.

    It's only a game (I would say that because we're bottom of the league of course...)

  21. Kat: Say it loud, say it proud: I'M A WIENER!

    Red Squirrel: Yikes! That's pretty hardcore! Your right, 4-6 on aggregate: someone was looking out for them!

  22. See now... I missed out on all the fun. And I so want to be a Wiener. :(

    But on another note. I think it is well established that I am a Football nut (American football, though I love a soccer game as well, the only bar fight I ever started was over a soccer game... maybe I am just a nut).

    San Diego - Chargers - The Bolts (well that is just a stupid nickname). Their song is stupid as well... San Diego Super Chargers (repeated over and over). But heck we did make it to the playoffs despite having the most ineffectual coach on the planet. Oh, I have to go now, before I start cussing. F-ing Norv (oppss, it has started again).

  23. Came over from Pseudonymous and this is hysterical.

  24. Yay for the winners!! Can't wait for the next installment.


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