28 July 2011

He Will Not Leave

On my travels to and from Virginia, I am always interested by the number of churches I pass on the route I usually take.  There are many, of different stripes of Christianity (I have yet to see any synagogues or mosques) in many buildings ranging from modest structures to authentic Colonial-era churches made of brick and slate.  One thing that is common is the number of signs I see, sporting religious messages or homilies, announcing intent or proclaiming an aspect of faith.  Most are relatively benign, but this past weekend I saw one that gave me pause and made me wonder.  It read:
God will not leave those that trust Him.
 The first thing that occurred to me was the implication:  That means that God might leave those that do not trust Him.  Which seems to me to be a repudiation of what I have been told is true about God.

God loves us all, right?  He will take care of us, right?  So what do you do when you experience things that seem to be evidence that God has left you?  Why would anyone trust a god that proclaims unconditional love for you, yet lets life abuse us at times?

Why would I trust a god like that?  Especially knowing that even though He proclaims to love me no matter what, He would leave me because I have reasons to mistrust Him.  If mistrust is a human trait, one that God created (because He created us, according to some beliefs), why would He leave us for expressing our humanity?  Especially when grounded in very real feelings of anxiety and fear?

I shook my head to clear it, and accelerated down the highway to put some distance between me and doubt.  Resolving that conflict would have to wait for another day.


  1. Rule number one about belief or nonbelief in a higher being...signage should not lead the way. Or even be considered.

    Now that I think about it, I think a new rule for me will be that a church with changeable signage is a non-starter.

  2. how could he leave anyone if he doesn't exist?

  3. That scripture is a promise. Its a guarantee. Now if you choose to leave god and follow your own course of wisdom, something he did not teach from his Word, the consequences that are inevitable will find you. Its a promise that if you follow his law in spirit and truth: love will never fail.

    and why do we suffer? Because the Devil challenged that when things get tough we would forsake God. Its all in the book of Job. Google it.

    ...not to be preachy.

  4. I would think that if you lose your trust in anyone that you suddenly feel like they are no longer there for you when you need them. You cannot say that if you lose trust that they will know this and avoid you like the plague. It is more of the feeling of abandonment that will take place, not the actual abandonment that is key to me.

    Also, I'm always under the impression that bad things are more challenges than punishments. Otherwise life would be pretty dull.

  5. Trust me, God dose not leave people,people leave God.

  6. Oh. You went THERE.

    I got nothin'. Other than I believe in me, which translates to something/someone with a greater power, and that is enough.


  7. I know that when I feel the most distance between God and me, it's because I'm not looking at the entire picture. Has nothing to do with God at all, really, it's just me.

  8. Here! Here! Yes indeed!


"Let your laws come undone
Don't suffer your crimes
Let the love in your heart take control..."

-'The Hair Song', by Black Mountain

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