08 July 2011

The Mayo(nnaise) Clinic

I swear, this mayonnaise thing must be some sort of strange attractor for me.  Once again, I find myself cogitating on the subject of condiments, with mayo front and center.  I know I've done this before (see "French Fries in Holland" and "Mayo Playo Hato" for enlightenment, if you haven't already), and I thought I was finis, but alas, it came back.  I must confess to you, why it came back.

Recently while at lunch with some new friends, I ordered a club sandwich with french fries.  The waitress asked me if I wanted ketchup or mayonnaise.  Perplexed, because I thought she was asking if I wanted either on my sandwich, I said mayonnaise.  Because who puts ketchup on a club sandwich?

A minute later, it hit me: she was asking if I wanted mayo or ketchup for the french fries.  Sure enough, when the plates arrived at the table there were two tiny stainless steel cups with mayonnaise in them.

Hmm.  Given my past stance on that particular condiment, one would think I would have asked the waitress to bring a bottle of ketchup, or malt vinegar (my particular favorite on fries), but not wanting to lose face I gamely decided to try the mayo.  To quote Jeffrey Steingarten, the "results, regrettably, were delicious".

I have ventured over to the Dark Side of condiment application...and I liked it.  And now I don't what to do...


  1. Nooooooooooooo!

    Okay. i'm gonna have to try it.

  2. You cannot make egg-salad sandwiches without mayonnaise. Or what about artichokes? But I am having a hard time buying the mayo on french fries thing. Gack.

  3. I know many people who mix mayo and ketchup for their frys. I am the only one I know in my current group of friends that uses vinegar. Silly west coasters.

  4. Vinegar, ketchup, mayo...they are all good on fries. My girls mix honey-mustard and ketchup (a thing they call honeymustup) and eat it on fries.

  5. Yep. Now mix it with some ketchup and mmmm mmm. Good stuff.

  6. Mmmmmm - chips (french fries)and mayo equals excellent, delicious - as you have found! Best I ever tasted was in Denmark many moons ago - something particulary special about the mayo - not the mild Heinz, Helman stuff.

    Have you ever tried fried potato skins with 'homemade' garlic mayo? Paradise!

    Anna :o]

  7. Wait till you add spicy stuff to your mayo... mmmm....

  8. As any fan of Pulp Fiction knows, mayonnaise on French fries is quite popular in Europe. ;) Make it my homemade mayonnaise and *I* would eat it, too!

    Jan's Sushi Bar

  9. Wow, Irish. I'm surprised you didn't know this tasty fact. Try a little horsradish mixed in, nice little kick on the fries!

  10. hehe.. ok, I`ll give it a try :)

  11. Mayo be happy with your choice of mayo on your fries. I likey too.

  12. I add pesto to my mayo and put it on a sammie. Or garlic. Or other delightfully tasty stuff. Try mixing the mayo with mustard and then dip the fries.

    I'll admit it - I'm condiment queen. Every time I've moved it's taken at least 3 coolers just to get the condiments. I refuse to throw the good stuff out.

    Nice to see you're being daring and adventurous!

  13. Try garlic mayonnaise next time... ♥


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