12 July 2011

Tiny Revelations

I found myself walking along the railroad tracks down by the river, Sunday evening.  How I arrived there was a bit of a mystery, because I couldn't pinpoint when it was I told myself to go there instead of going home.  Was it a conscious decision?  Not sure.  More likely it was some directive from the recesses of my mind, emerging from the deep dark like a whale surfacing in a channel between the floes.  Me, in my kayak, paddling fast to stay ahead of the bow shock and to stay upright.

So there I was walking and sweating in the heat, puzzling over what I do when I do stuff I don't quite fathom.  there were birds calling.  The river flowed liked a quiet conversation three stacks over in the library.  The gravel crunched satisfyingly under my shoes as I trudged down towards the river and then up the hill to my car.

Flash.  A moment of slow time when all was quiet.  The birds and the trees held their breath, as I held mine, and was flooded with the thought that I would rather know love for a lifetime than be a hero for a day.

Silence.  Heartbeats.  A letting go of ego...if I know love, then I will know life.  This is what was revealed to me.


  1. This revelation doesn't strike me as tiny. It seems to me to be a shift in the flow.

  2. A moment of slow time when all was quiet.

    I know those moments well - thanks for sharing yours.♥

  3. Sounds like a brilliant moment, make sure to pack it away in the dark corner of the noggin for soon you will be tested with the same question that caused the revelation.
    Good luck and cheers.

  4. Love is a wonderful thing to know, no matter the time limit on it. A lifetime can be over in a second, or span the depths of eternity. Sometimes the second feels longer.

  5. I read two books this summer that your post reminded me of..both by Pema Chodron. When Things Fall Apart, and Taking The Leap. I think you might like them. I remember her writing about that shift, that moment, how to help get there, and how to try and extend that moment into minutes... into...

    Walking helps me too ; -)

  6. Walking does it for me too. Summersummersummer.

    (Also, I bought When Things Fall Apart the other day.)

    Hi Gumby.


"Let your laws come undone
Don't suffer your crimes
Let the love in your heart take control..."

-'The Hair Song', by Black Mountain

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