23 July 2011

If I Were To Write The Truth...

...what would I say?  The truth is sometimes easy to say, this I know.  I do believe that some easy truths are best reserved for certain ears only.  These are truths that preserve their power for being known by the fewest number possible.  There are truths only to be known to doctors, lawyers and lovers.

There are truths that are harsh, so harsh that to utter them is to rend the fabric of life.  These "unavoidable facts of our existence"  can rip us apart, but they shouldn't be avoided.  Putting it off too long can mean the difference between merely being beaten and utter implosion.

There are truths, the ones we should spend more time on, that are so beautiful that they can only be shared with fewer and fewer people, perhaps obtaining utter completeness when shared only between two people.  These, too, should not be avoided.  Share them as soon as possible, with another.

As cynical and skeptical as I can be, I nurse within my heart a desire for truth.  I don't often let on that I believe that a major reason why we as human beings are on this planet is to share love, which I fancy sometimes to be the only Truth that really matters.

Shh.  Don't tell anybody...but the Truth is, this cynical heart of mine really does believe in the truth of Love.  I'm a softie that way.

And if anyone gives me any guff about it...I'll punch 'em inna head.  With love, of course.


  1. Elvis Costello sings, "One day you're going to have to face
    A deep dark truthful mirror
    And it's going to tell you things that I still love
    you too much to say "

  2. there is some remarkably well written stuff in this post. smoother than silk and surprisingly genuine. Truth and wisdom has a way of shining and when coupled with eloquence...poetry.

  3. Love as truth and the truth of love. Beautiful.

  4. I don't think it's a major reason - I think it's the only reason.

    Happy weekend, Gumby

  5. This tugged at my heartstrings and made me smile.

    Hope you don't have to punch anyone in the head. Even with love.

  6. Oh how I tried to stick to the truth this past month with my little sister...but she can't handle it...maybe she went home with a few things to think about...I know I am...thinking...

  7. the truth...yes.
    always the truth
    except for "do I look fat in this?"
    then there are better ways to tell the truth
    "My Lovely, that outfit brings out a softness in you" :)

    your mileage may vary with that one though...

  8. Hi, I will ask you to wisit my blog and click on the picture of two hands.

    We are now 32 000 people holding hands for peace and support, hopeful to get people from all over the world to hold hands for peace and love.

  9. i believe in love.
    I believe in truth.
    I believe in hope.

    and I believe in a happily every after.

    I just pray that I live long enough enjoy them all.

  10. you believe in it, because it resides beautifully in you.

  11. Words to my thoughts,exactly!!!


"Let your laws come undone
Don't suffer your crimes
Let the love in your heart take control..."

-'The Hair Song', by Black Mountain

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