07 December 2008

Sunday Contest: Somebody Gimme A Caption

Well, here it is, another fine Sunday winding down. I have a bunch of post and story ideas in the queue. Some of them seem quite promising, but right now I don't have the brain power to parse them out. The Wee Lass has been quite...difficult (as an understatement) since December started, and today/tonight she was in fine form. Top of her game if her goal was to be whiny and REALLY annoying. We have explained to her numerous times the basic equation of the Christmas season as it relates to gifts. It looks something like this:

Santa watches = 1
Behavior = y, where y is a floating number discretional to Mom & Dad
Rakin' In The Loot = L
Wee Lass presents = WL:)!

So, WL:)!: 1y= L

However, she is just barely past four years old. She doesn't understand the idea of negative numbers yet; our efforts to get her to see the relationship between a full-blown whiny-ass snit over not getting to watch Diego and his @#!*ing rescue pack and the decline in potential gains has yet to bear fruit.

Please pardon me for the lack of ingenuity. However, something did come to mind. I was perusing some of my digital pics tonight with the intent of organizing them. Instead, I ended up just scrolling through them with the picture viewer, having a few giggles, and there was this:

Funny, no? Or maybe its just strange and stoopit. Anyway, tonight I announce the very first Irish Gumbo "Caption That Picture" contest. Send me your best (or worst) shot at a funny caption that best explains the picture. Contest will be open until, oh, say next Tuesday. Unless I change my mind. First prize will be a hearty laugh and an award to be determined (I don't have PhotoShop on my laptop, this could be tricky).

Contest starts...NOW! Make me laugh! Good luck!


  1. If you declare an emergency I will shoot you down with my ONE EYE LASER BEAM!

  2. Sorry, I've got nothing. In fact, I'm over hear because I'm procrastinating on my own blog.

  3. "It looked great in the brochures, but when the family finally arrived at Lake Emergency for a day of swimming I got nervous"

    that was weak. It's early. I will try again at some point.

  4. In case of Emergency, pull large wooden club labeled Emergency...duh.

  5. Do they take for an idiot? he pondered. I know we're near a lake and all but you can't submerge New York City.

  6. I hope this guy dosent
    sell boats


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