27 February 2010

Alternative Energy Takes a Strange Twist

I was toy-shopping in a big box store, watching my Wee Lass devolve into 'paralysis-by-analysis' while trying to decide on what to spend her Valentine's Day greenbacks (courtesy of grand-mère et grand-père), and came across this most curious sign:

Can I get a green energy tax credit if I use it power my house? Although, I'm not sure how I would hook it up...


  1. It's only $6.99, so buy a couple. (Is that a ba-donka donk accessory?)

  2. In my opinion, anything related to Dora or Diego is a pain in the ass.

    Ayi ~ Mami~ That shrieking voice! I can still hear it many years later!
    My brother knows the guy responsible for all the soundtrack music behind Dora and Diego shows. What a back story that is!

  3. I've often thought that I need a tote for my ass.

  4. Hey, if Dora's got what it takes to tote MY ass, more power to her.


  5. Wuhl, uh, what's a kid to do? Did she just turn her little face to yours, lacking the question, but questioning?
    Okay, that's what I'm doing. Wha???

  6. So what did she decide on? Not the tote ass thing I hope.


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