13 February 2010

Rogues Gallery

Just a few of the interesting characters keeping me company in the kitchen these days...who's visiting with you this winter?


  1. Raw Honey is crying out from its mother earth natural'ness for some toast...
    Truffle cream
    chocolate covered Edamame
    an over stuffed spice shelf; which I manage to turn over quite well, and a new bottle of hot sauce hubby brought me from his last business trip called...
    The OK Coral, and it is like a damn shoot out going on in your mouth...just few drops too!

  2. Yummy! What's Aleppo Pepper/ I've got several of those, plus garlic juice & powder, Kitchen Bouquet, minced onion, several varieties of hot sauce, Tony Cachere's.

    Whatcha cookin?

  3. Penzey's!
    I look at that catalog like some guys look at Victoria's Secret.
    I would love to go on a spice splurge
    I also like the Italian Seasoning from Pampered Chef

    Peace ~ Rene

  4. There are many, many bottles of spices in our house... thanks to that chef husband of mine. We have three cabinets devoted to spices and sauces (not trying to brag - it overwhelms me!). BTW, have you tried the green Tobasco sauce? We can't eat pizza without it.

  5. Oooo - you have some saffron! And what is "pasta sprinkle?"

    I could not even BEGIN to catalog my spice shelves - I've got everything from Tupelo honey to Madagascar vanilla beans to fleur de sel to pink peppercorns to organic, cold-pressed coconut oil to just plain table salt. We had to free up an entire cabinet for all the crap I've got. LOL

  6. I'm low on spices (all five bottles...). But I do have a very nice bottle of Smoking Loon (google it :) and I just made chocolate chip cookies. Does that count?

  7. cumin
    it's a new one
    i know
    i'm a little sideways
    but its good in thick heavy soups

  8. get yerself some tony chachere's to add to this mix...it is from the south and it is goooood stuff :-) (you will still need to hold on to the cinnamon, but all the rest of that stuff can be cleaned out) I have missed reading you!

  9. Mine reads more like a bartender's guide to the galaxy. Love the countertop.

  10. I have some flying squirrels in the attic that are about to make a lot of noise because mating season is nearing. I have a full cabinet of spices though.


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