05 February 2010

Pull 'Em Quick, Pull 'Em Slow, Either Way It Hurts

My recent spate of productivity notwithstanding, I am not feeling the 'push'. I'm at a loss for the spark, the ember that can be fanned into a flame. I am at sea-ish.

I am feeling defanged.

Maybe it is not really true, but I don't feel as if I have 'bite' these days. There has been little that has truly gotten my blood up or hackles raised or antennae a'twitchin'. Well, there was this Google targeted ad regarding transgenic mouse models that piqued my interest, enough so that I clicked on the ad to see what it was all about. Weird shit that keeps popping up in my Google dashboard...it took me a few minutes to figure out why that one showed up, and realized it was because of an e-mail I received from the one and only King Of New York Hacks in response to a comment I had on his post on genetically modified organisms. I know the technology is out there, and in my logical/academic brain I know why it exists, but isn't it a bit unsettling to have something tracking what you write electronically, for the purpose of supposedly giving you what you want or are interested in? It's akin to those annoying Microsoft routines that keep trying to "suggest" when you type or their pop-ups that say things like "Windows has detected a problem. Click here to see the solutions Windows has found for your computer". That last is a good one; it keeps showing up on my laptop because I turned off the annoying-as-all-hell automatic update function, which was constantly interrupting my work sessions because it would try and update without giving me any warning. I felt a bit like I was in some bizarre re-education camp where "We know what is good for you, Gumbo...and resistance is futile..." and they keep trying to get me to swallow the blue pill...They claim it is for your own protection, but really it's just a fascist way for Microsoft to gloss over the fact that their operating systems are so full of holes and patches that want to try and fix them surreptitiously, under cover of "new and improved".

The way I see it, if the product was truly good to begin with, there would be no need for a constant stream of "updates". And truly? Even if it is a useful update, I don't want them to just do it without my knowledge, consent and actual authorization. So there.

Wait, did I just go off on a rant, a small one?

Hmm. Maybe I still have a fang left. Anyway, having said all that, I am in dire need of a jump start. The fire is low, and I need to heat the house. If you have any suggestions for funk removal, please let me know. I'll be sitting here, on the couch, quietly gnawing on a crust of bread.


  1. That soup didn't do it?! Some wine, some friends, a washboard, a guitar or banjo, and a harmonica.

  2. Gosh Gumbo I am the queen at funk removal, but seems that the different avenues you have been traveling should be doing something for that...perhaps a way off track exercise is in order...running, exploring via drives with camera in tow, share with us your unique surroundings...all is artistic, no matter what the medium...we release...fall...then grab hold of new muse, and often return back whence we began...

    If you mean internet technology, well you are just 'shight' out of luck from me in this area...I rely on engineer hubby for that release, that is after he hears me cuss very very very loud...release...I then feel rejuvenated, and reboot...

  3. Let me know when you figure it out. My old standby's aren't working.

  4. As a software developer, I'm tempted to defend Microsoft, but they're Microsoft. So I won't.

    Sorry, my friend, my fangs are almost worn down to the nubbins themselves. If it weren't for recipes, Random Tuesday Thoughts, the Spin Cycle and photography I'd have a big heapin' load of nuthin'. If I do find something to spark my mojo, you'll be the first person I tell.

  5. What Captain Dumbass said.

    I have both: a Mac and a Sony laptop for work. I hate hate hate the Windows on the laptop. PIA Piece of junk.

    But ain't no way I puttin' out for the price of a Macbook.

    Snow's coming. Go make a snow angel. Isn't that exciting enough?

  6. Funk...ew. This time of year I just plant herbs in little pots and dream of rosemary and basil scented summer nights.

    And then there's whiskey.

  7. your fangs are firmly intact, sir. Bravo

  8. Um, I'm with Captain Dumbass... I lurve my MacBook. Her name is Maxine. And she never, ever shuts down on me or glitches. She makes me happy.

    I hate when I'm ish. About anything. No good comes from feeling ish.

    I dunno, but I think you may have worked up a little rant...-ish.

    Me thinks since you are in the snowstorm, and since you've generously given me a pardon from a (deserved) knuckle sandwich punishment, I
    shall offer you this little nugget of funk removal:

    I like you too. :)

  9. First of all, if they try to get you to swallow the little blue pill, you should just smile and say thanks. I HEAR it works wonders for a guy.

    Second, that little "Click here to report this problem to Microsoft" and follow their little linky poos to see what solutions MS has for you is a crock of shit. I know this because I have followed along and MS NEVER has a solution for the problem. NEVER! I think we are all just part of some Pavlovian research project.

    As far as the funk, well, I got the funk in me too. It comes and goes, just like the fangs. Makes me feel all vampirish at times.

    I can't believe I said that.


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