26 February 2010

Return of The Ba-Donka-Donk

As many of you may recall, I chronicled my first street encounter with 'ba-donka-donk' HERE. More precisely, my first encounter with the term outside of a television show. That has officially changed.

Ladies and gentlemen, last week, I had my first remote encounter with a real live ba-donka-donk. Right there in front of my car. It was while waiting at a stop light, a major intersection on my daily commute. It is a busy intersection, one with significant foot traffic in addition to the cars. I have seen a lot of derrieres cross the road at that intersection, fodder for idle observation whilst wasting time waiting on the light to change. Derrieres of all shapes and sizes, some very nice, some spectacular, even. I wouldn't say that any approached 'ba-donka-donk'-ness, however, at least as I am familiar with the term.

This one was different. 

It was...big, but not outrageously so.
It was...round, but not abnormally so.
It was...encased in jeans that approached the level of paint rather than fabric. It appeared to meet all the criteria for classification as a ba-donka-donk.

She, as the kids say, had it goin' on.

The road was still littered with snow and slush, the median piled with snow. This young lady was even wearing low heels, and doing a commendable job of navigating the hazards, with skill and grace and...workin' that ba-donka-donk. Wow.

To my credit, I did not start singing "Baby Got Back" by Sir-Mix-A-Lot*. Also, bumper sticker exhortations notwithstanding, I did not honk at the ba-donka-donk**. Perhaps next time, when I am not so gobsmacked by the sight of a ba-donka-donk in the wild.

I leave you now with a bonus video that never fails to make me laugh like a hyena. Turn it up loud and shout it proud:

*Who knighted him anyway? And for what?
**'I Did Not Honk At The Ba-Donka-Donk' - a hitherto unpublished story from the vaults of Dr. Seuss.


  1. Too bad you didn't have a camera with you You could have provided proof of the ba-donka-donk.

  2. A real life Ba-donka Donk sighting, and not just a bumper... er... bumper-sticker. Personally, I think all Ba-donka Donks should be required to wear stilettos (even with jeans, or spandex).

  3. Sir Mix-A-Lot was knighted for services to music, mainly due to the line "My anaconda don't want none unless you got buns, hun". The man's a Shakespeare.

  4. The most amazing badonka-donk EVAH is in the movie Hitch, when Eva Mendes is wearing a cream colored skirt and walking away from Will Smith. Ooh. I'd switch teams for some of that.

  5. "'I Did Not Honk At The Ba-Donka-Donk' - a hitherto unpublished story from the vaults of Dr. Seuss."

    *wipes coffee off of monitor and keyboard.*

    Thank you, Irish - I needed that. No, honestly - I NEEDED that.


  6. this is too much for before-coffee reading.

  7. OH MY GOODNESS! Wish i could have seen that! You probably know that I'm a gay girl... And you know what? That ba donka donk is just mighty fine.

  8. I would argue MAW's best badonk in a movie. I say JLo in Out of Sight. That was back in '98 when she still had her curves. There's a scene when she walks past the camera in sweat shorts. I'm haunted to this day.

  9. Keen observations as always. Also, Scrubs is mostly always genius, don't you think?

  10. gobsmackin' ba-donka-donk
    you know
    I can just hear L'il Jon sayin' that...

    Peace ~ Rene

  11. I love scrubs! =) and Ive seen plenty of ba donk a d donks, they dont amuse me much anymore...

  12. I had a discussion with a couple of people the other day. One was an African American woman and the other a fellow from England. The woman said that English women don't have much booty. We men agreed that African American women, Italian women, and Hispanic women seemed to have the best asses around. Strictly anecdotal data went into all of this.


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