12 February 2010

Some People Need Practical Advice

 "Don't get run over by a bus!" 
- George Carlin

My daughter is nothing if not observant. She is very quick to pick up on the wrongs of others (witness the recent "language incident" involving a deity and an exclamation) and she is a keen student of what people and animals can do. She gets a lot of conversational mileage out of commenting on birds flying, squirrels and chipmunks eating nuts, and all sorts of animals running. She will very often mime the actions she has seen or compare herself to whatever furry or feathered beastie happens to be the topic du jour. In turn, I get to hear some unique commentary from the mouth of the princess. To wit, on the way to school earlier this week:

"Those birds are fast, daddy."
"Yes, they are."
"You know who is fast, daddy?"
"Who, sweetpea?"
"Bongo. (Bongo is her cat) He runs really fast!"
"Yep, he's speedy sometimes."
"I am too! I'm fast, but not as fast as Bongo. He's good at running up the stairs, daddy. That's because he has four legs. But I don't run up the stairs."
"No, sweetie, you should be careful going up the stairs."
"Daddy, you should be careful going down the stairs, too. Don't run, so you don't crash your face into the rail."

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, your Wee Lass safety tip of the day. No one wants to crash their face, into rails or anything else!


  1. Smart girl. You will be heeding her advice,right?!

  2. Lol, that made me smile.... and it's really good advice! :D

  3. Crashing your face into the railing is indeed a very bad idea....I can tell you this from experience. :)

  4. No face crashing is indeed a wise policy.

    Guess what?
    Guess what the evil weather chick just said on the news??
    She said, basically that I should go to the CVS and buy a heating pad and then go to the hardware store and buy a new shovel that isnt wobbly and freshly bent. Oh, and hit the liquor store to re-stock the cabinet. (Fat Tues. requires a festive cocktail...I've decided on the Hurricane)
    Why would Weather Wench say such vile things?
    Because, Mr. Gumbo, she (rudely) insists that the Philly area (my area) is going to be getting 6-8 (more) inches of snow on Monday.
    I'm tired of talking about inches.

    And I'm pretty full from eating my own knuckles on white bread.

    If you too are slated for such a fate (snow, not the knuckle sandwich), then I hereby apologize and take full responsibility. My bad.

    Happy Weekend!


  5. She sounds smart. There is a bit of caretaking starting there which reminds me of what I used to say to my father and mother. I worried that they would die and leave me at an orphanage. I'm happy to say that I never made the orphanage, although sadly they did die. Maybe it is only natural that children worry about their parents.


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