07 February 2010

Let It Snow, Let Snow, Let It Snow...Somewhere Else, Da&%#t!

It was a lovely party...

...full of grace and beauty...

...but as with many parties...

...there is a morning after.

Uh, snow? You're cool and all...but would you just go home now? Please?


  1. I don't like snow much either...
    to cold, to wet and well It just hangs around too long...

  2. That's what it looked like outside my house yesterday morning. I'd have gone out and taken pictures, but we literaly had to dig our way out of the house - there were 4 foot drifts on our back deck.

    I'd like to say that it is going to leave, but the temps are going to insure that it hangs around, raiding the fridge and putting its feet all over the furniture, and then later in the week more of its buddies are going to show up. *sigh*

  3. Looks like that at my house too! The best move I made was to give away my serving shift yesterday... a week before the snow hit! I didn't have to worry about getting in to work and then getting home again! I stayed nice and cozy inside and even got a neighborhood kid to shovel for me!

  4. Brrrrrrrr! Come on down here and warm yaself up wit some good gumbo and fixins! :D


  5. Yeah...ditto. We lost power too. The house got down to 42* and as we were under a "state of emergency" we weren't allowed on the roads...not that they had even been plowed. (brrrrrrr) We drank hot toddies and played cards by candle light...with hot water bottles. 22 hours of chilly hell.

  6. Beautiful pictures. Be prepared. Come Tuesday rain in the southern areas and for me? More SNOW.

    Goody Goody Gumdrops.

  7. So you probably don't want to hear that my FIL was gardening in a tshirt yesterday then.

  8. Today we got a reprieve from the rain that has fallen all month. I guess it starts again Tuesday. (You get crystals there, we get mud here.)

  9. Very pretty... Stay warm and cozy.

  10. No snow in NH!!
    and you live in a Thomas Kincaide painting

    Peace ~ Rene

  11. yeah, but us floridians are enjoying this cool breeze! =)

  12. wow, that is a whole lot of snow. It's awfully pretty, but it sure wears out its welcome quickly. Glad we don't have any.

  13. I just mentioned on another blog, that I'm sooo glad we havent had a blizzard here this year!

    Beautiful pictures! Stay warm and I hope you get to dig out soon.

  14. Beautiful pics with an eerie quality to them. Kind of StephenKingesque.

    Cold here down in Central Texas, but no snow. My only morning after issue is that I have to show up for work.

    Now that I think of it, we need a snow day.

  15. Those pictures are amazing ... sooo pristine!!! Alas, I too am quite sick of the snow. I think everyone is.

    I've decided that when Texas becomes it's own country ... I'm moving there. They've had some snow this year, but normally they don't ... so I'm totally down with that.

    Besides ... who wouldn't want to say they live in the 'country' of Texas?

  16. Great photos. I would like it for a few days.


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