30 March 2010

A Gumbo PSA

Achtung, liebe Jungen und Mädchen und Unentschlossenen!

Regarding last Sunday's post titled "Arrhythmia", it has come to my attention that many folks were concerned that something was wrong with Yours Truly. Looking back, in conjunction with This Post, I can see where that conclusion was a reasonable one to draw.

I am pleased to report that the event depicted was purely fictional, and I am fortunate to have no experience with arrhythmia, then or ever. As far as I know. 

To those whom I have not already explained, the post was the result of a boredom-inspired, "5-Minute Fiction" writing exercise I gave to myself. The photo just struck me in a way I could not define, and the idea just came to me.

Although I did not intend to cause consternation, I'm pleased to see that it seemed to work well as a story! Thank you all for reading, and for your interest and concern!
That is all. As you were, people, carry on, carry on...


  1. Dagnammit you were fooling with us? You mean that huge bunch of flowers I sent along with the crate of whiskey was wasted?

  2. As I was? AS I WAS? Wait, at least let me grab a robe or something.

  3. I takes a great writer to move us! I am glad you are in good health.

    For some reason I remember that Chinese apothecary cabinet. That was a beauty. I'm not sure why I thought of it. Oh well!


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