09 March 2010


Overtaken by that sensation of standing in the middle of the road and running for my life, desperately wanting the side of the road but to scared to make a move. Making a move feels damn near impossible, because the the trucks, they roar by at high speed with nary a gap to be found between them.

Maybe it is train cars. Like trying to dodge between trains cars. On one side of the tracks, looking over at the other side of the tracks, the little snippet of view that can be seen in the space between the steel behemoths rolling at a blur over the worn silver ribbons of the rails.

I can see the other side, a little bit at a time. I would dash there, if I had the courage. But I don't. The courage has melted away like snow before a blowtorch. I have just enough to keep me from running away in the other direction. It keeps me rooted here beside the tracks, standing in the middle of the road. Life has accelerated, partly through my own interference, partly through the great grinding turns of the Universe.  Sucks for me, because I'm not all about the rush.

Life: that chaotic soup that resist scooping up in utter defiance of our best efforts. It has exhausted me on one hand, and overstimulated me on the other. Hence, my relative lack of communications with those who I love and those who I consider to be friends (again on one hand) and my burst of blog posting (on the other hand). To those who feel I have ignored or forgotten you, I'm sorry. 

Hopefully, the trucks will soon pass me by, and I'll be able to make it to the other side of the road. I'm looking to make it in one piece. I need to rest!


  1. Catch the train while it's in town, runnin' slow enough that you can run alongside, pacin' it. Step steady onto the stirrup, grip the grabiron, and flip onto the car. Curl around the rail, using the connector for a foothold if you need, and you'll get to the other side where you can jump off at the first available soft patch. The other side of the tracks is good living.

  2. So you're the blowtorch guy?

    Next time you blowtorch my snowman you will be in serious trouble.

  3. I clear away one thing and then another jumps out and screams BOO.

    That's kinda like trucks right?

    Do you remember the game Frogger? (I so date myself here for your amusement) Maybe it's kind of like that. Eventually you will have to get to the other side avoiding the trucks. But you have to set the pace so you can live through it.

  4. Dude, it's a kamikaze life. Nothing that can't be helped by a large, stiff...cocktail.

  5. Yeah, I have a theory about the pace of life. I suppose the fact that I have a theory about something is hardly a surprise at all.

  6. I can totally relate. And wish that damn space between the train cars were just a little wider... Can barely see a thing on the other side...
    ...hope things slow down for you soon, Gumby.

  7. so don't move. doing nothing requires a choice, and choosing to "do nothing" is a step though not necessarily in one direction or another. Just choose stillness and let the world roar rush speed careen spin swooosh by you...just stand there and enjoy the wind in your hair, the heat from the exhaust, the smells and feel your feet firmly planted in the spot you have chosen...you are perfectly safe and respectable right there in the middle. Finally, when you can't stand it another second, make another choice, pick up your feet and jump....

  8. Brilliant post Irish.

  9. I totally understand the feeling. There are days when I need to slow everything down. In fact, today is one of those days. I can't seem to catch up with the blogs--that takes about a week. But blogging isn't my job so I just take first things first. And the other stuff, well...those things will come in time.


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