27 March 2010

Looking Glass

So much of our lives is seen through or on glass...

That I wonder if we are living on camera...

Actors in a security video...

Or maybe we are all just under surveillance...

Photo credits: Irish Gumbo


  1. Ya... they're watching all of us through that little peep hole/camera on our computers! HA! That's why I always apply lipstick before sitting down at my computer. Oh, and sunglasses too!

    Everyone sing now "I always feel like...somebody's watching meeeeee."

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  2. Definintely . . . someone is ALWAYS watching.

  3. Did you ever notice how many cameras there are on highways and lighted intersections now?

  4. Hmmm, paranoid? Hey - is that you, Gumby?

  5. Big Brother sees all... sees even more than God.

  6. I'm sure the fbi or cia or someone besides me knows what I had for breakfast and what color my socks are.

    You can't escape them.

  7. I wonder if they're taking applications for job openings to watch the watchers. #paranoia

  8. I have a little camera on my Mac. I wonder who is plugged into that? Maybe it's a good reason to blog in the nude.


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