05 March 2010

I'm Good Enough, I'm Strong Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me...

...now if I just had time to adequately thank them all! Recently I have been linked, and it is a testament to my distraction and general dearth of time that I am catching up to some fine folks of my recent acquaintance.


See that there pretty little thang above? Well, I was anointed with it by the ever-intriguing and multi-faceted Mike at Annotated Margins . I had the pleasure of discovering Mike's place earlier this year, and always come away with a new perspective on the Universe after reading over there. Plus, he makes music. Good music. If I wasn't so far away from his stomping grounds in Oregon, I'd be in the audience on a regular basis. Thanks, Mike! Everybody stop by and say hello, it's worth the trip.

I know the rules say to link to seven others, and come up with seven interesting things about myself...but long time readers will know that I suck at rules, plus the time factor is cramping my style. These days, I tend to have to glimpse things on the interwebs as I run past my computer on the way to doing something else, so I'll do my best to get something resembling a response to the rules (if I don't forget).

We can all use a little more sunshine! I need to give a shout-out to new bloggy acquaintance, one I'm taking a shine to, and she's a newbie (relatively speaking). I refer of course to the little ray o' sunshine known as Lola Sharp over at Sharp Pen/Dull Sword. I must have said or done something that caught her attention, because she has been commenting regularly on the hot mess that is Irish Gumbo, and has made me laugh out loud! She was kind enough to leave me some link love on her most recent post, in which she mentioned me in the same paragraphs as some other most awesomesauce bloggers, so please drop in and say howdy.

Whew. So that's my gyrations for the day. Busy like the beaver, I am, and hopefully soon things will settle down to where I can be more attentive...and blog about the things that have been keeping me so busy...


  1. Hooray for Mike! I love his writing.

  2. Go on, gyrate some more my friend, don't stop now!

  3. Well deserved, my friend, celebrate!

  4. Gyrate, darlin', shake that moneymaker! Work it.

    Thanks for the link-love, kind gyrating sir.

    Congrats on your awardage.

    Happy Weekend,

  5. I'd recognize you anywhere!

    Heh, you're awesomesauce with or without the awards, Irish.

  6. Who needs stinkin' rules? Hope you're busy with good stuff. Have a great weekend.

  7. I'm feeling snarky...your re-ward from me...would be...a poem about the big bowl of yum you provide us with when we read your writtin', and maybe a kiss on the cheek...

  8. Three shouts for Lola! She's the reason I stopped by. I love her to blogging pieces!!

  9. Dear Irish Gumbo, to add to your long list of accomplishments, you have been honored with a Bloggery Award



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Don't suffer your crimes
Let the love in your heart take control..."

-'The Hair Song', by Black Mountain

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