17 March 2010

Snack Trends I Can Get Behind, Volume 2

That's right, kids, time for another libationary* flight of fancy...

Some time ago, in these here Gumbo pages, I let it be known that I had discovered a new and wonderful TASTE TREAT, heretofore unknown in these parts it would seem.

My friends, sometimes lightning does strike twice. The Muse whispered in my ear again...

Oreos...also taste wonderful dunked in Sam Smith's Oatmeal Stout.

I am also reasonably certain that that combination would taste good in something like milkshake or frosty form. Think of it, oatmeal stout ice cream, milk and crushed cookies blended into it. Taste buds, sit up and beg!

(urp) Yummmm...

*I totally made that word up. It's mine, dammit!


  1. For some strange reason I stay away from anything to do with milk in its liquid form but the snack you described still sounds delicious.

  2. You are so funny!! Love the Oreo part!

  3. I've had chocolate stout before - not bad. Especially since I'm not a beer girl.
    Happy leprechaunrainbowgreenglitter day.

  4. You know, I do believe this idea has merit, since stout is the only beer I truly like.

    I wonder how an Oreo would taste dunked in a single malt? Nah...


  5. Funny, this combination doesn't surprise me, but then I spent too many years in college. (No milk, please.)

  6. Cookies in beer? Your are brilliant!

  7. This would be a perfect edition to my Friday's Feast. Not only does it use Irish beer, it's by Irish Gumbo himself. Let me know if you want me to link you up.

  8. I was going to call you crazy, but I think some scientific study is required before I can safely make that statement.

  9. Happy Irish Day Irish ; -) Take a peek in the sidebar at PseudoLand.....

  10. nacho cheese doritos and pickles. together. as in a small bite of dorito, chew a tiny bit, add whole dorito to your mouth, enjoy.

  11. I'm not one to knock a wacky snack. Specially if it involves booze. I am just now hearing that a shot of bourbon followed by a shot of pickle juice is all the rage in NYC. On my way to try it out! (needs a better name than Pickle Back though)

  12. also? a penzey's brick and mortar opened up in our neck of the 'hood.


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