12 March 2010

Stick It In The Fridge, Stick It In The Fridge...

...I like cool beverage...

Right now, in my refrigerator, there lurks 2 bottles of Anchor Bock and 4 bottles of Guinness Extra Stout. Plus, I have some chips. Anyone wanna come over and watch 'Family Guy' with me? Bring some onion dip, please.

What's in your fridge?


  1. Let's see...I have virtually nothing apart from a few eggs, some of my delicious homemade lemonade and veggies.
    Having a small appetite i do not give a lot of importance to eating but I do have to give up my fondness for junk food.

  2. Tortillas, tofu, salsa, lots of pickles, sauerkraut, chard, onion and carrots, a few remaining jalapenos, one habanero, and a Stewart's root beer. I got six bags of chips in the cupboard.

    How 'bout a movie instead, say Wild Wild West, I Am Legend, or Mars Attacks?

  3. Feta, red pepper, baby romaine, which would be lunch every day.
    No beer here, I'll stop for onion dip, on my way...I am always up for some Family Guy.

  4. Ahhh I'd happily bring over oinyon dip as well as some yummy yummy shrimp dip too. MMM MMM good!

    In my fridge. I'm at work so I can't actually look but ... from memory.

    zip baggies of 2oz of chicken, bread, leftover taters, capers, salad dressing and mayo.

    I think it's time to hit the green grocers!

  5. Olives. (chuckle) Umm....brie, Guiness--of course, leftover Pappardell with rabbit from last night, goat cheese and tortillas. The night has passed....but if you bring eggs, I make killer omlettes!

  6. Hmm, leftover stuffed shells (last nights dinner), eggs, milk, juice, something unidentifiable in a container and Max Schell Blanc de Noir wine from my favorite little German winery. Nothing super exciting exceot the wine.

  7. I've got four or five bottles of Bass Ale, and I think 5 bottles of the anniversary Guinness stout.

    There's also the left overs of a "practice" boiled dinner. We made corned beef, cabbage and carrots a few nights back. Not sure why, perhaps it was subconsciously in preparation for St. Patrick's day. A dry run if you will. I'm eagerly looking forward to it for lunch today though!

  8. we have hummus and home-canned jalapeno salsa. and also micro-brewery vanilla porter.

  9. I'm not sure exactly what is in my fridge, but I think I need to throw it away before it attacks someone.


  10. 2 bottles of prosecco, 1 bottle of champagne, diet soda, leftover cream cheese frosting, shredded carrots, tortillas, vegetarian broth, skim milk, butter, eggs and about half a bottle of pinot grigio. Darn - nothing for dinner!

  11. in the important department i have the guinness, of course & some negra modelo with a lime nestled right up next to them.

  12. olives, a bottle a red, a bottle of white, 1 Purple Haze, 2 cans of Kriek from Belgium (4years old, does that stuff go bad), tabasco, soy sauce, cottage cheese, 1/2 a tomato, 2 mason jars of cherries soaking in vodka, 9 bottles of insulin, and a tupperware thing that isn't see through and I am scared to open it....it has been in there since before christmas at least

  13. Ok all you guiness drinkers, I have Murphys ( and one guiness) Homemade applesauce, spaghetti sauce, a yam, carrots spinich cabbage pellegrino,peccorino romano, pamigiana, jarlsburg swiss. Whew, that's more than I ever have.
    Salty, crunchy is my downfall too. Chips....

  14. I was curious, so I actually checked and i also have jalapenos, honey mustard dressing, the coffee carafe with coffee in it, and what I think used to be spinach. it is in a spinach bag and it is green, but that doesn't mean much....I think i need to go to grocery story

  15. Usually we have 4 gallons of milk (3 whole milk for the kids, 1 skim for me). Lots of string cheese (for the kids), 4+ other types of cheese, 4 dozen eggs, 3 types of yogurt & too many fruits to count. We'll share any time!!


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