04 March 2010

Year Of The Tiger

According to Chinese astrology, 2010 is the Year of the Tiger. According to some information I have read, it is more specifically the Year of the Metal Tiger, or White Tiger. This is considered by some to be a jinx, or a sign of a bad year.

I think the folks in Haiti and Chile would agree.

Tiger years are supposed to be dynamic, full of change and constant happenings. So far, the theory is holding true, locally and globally. Tragedies great and small seem to be afflicting most people, some I know and most I do not. But I sympathize with them all.

According to astrology, I am a Snake. Snakes do not do well with chaos or rapid change. Ergo, Snakes and Tigers do not, as a rule, get along well.

Amen to that, brothers and sisters. Or should I say 兄弟姐妹 (Xiōngdì jiěmèi), in keeping with the Chinese inspirations for this post. I bring this all up because, on a lark, I bought a book on Chinese astrology for the year 2010. I was most intrigued by some of the descriptions in it, specifically about my Chinese astrological sign, but also about some of the people I know and love. And even some people I know and for whom I do not particularly care.

The thing that struck me right off the top was this little gem at the beginning of the chapter on the Snake:

"I think.
And think some more.
About what is,
About what can be,
About what may be.
And when I am ready,
Then I act."*

That pretty much sums it up. Me in a nutshell. And as I stated earlier, Snakes and Tigers do not get along well with one another. It has been and may continue to be a year of change, of opportunity, one in which I am advised to be careful, to not rely so heavily on myself but instead seek to maintain friendship with others.
Of that I have no doubts. I respect the Tiger, but I will not be intimidated into inaction. I will be careful. I will think. And then, when ready, I will act.

Come, then, friend Tiger, let us dance...but beware the Snake...

*Quoted from"Your Chinese Horoscope 2010" by Neil Somerville


  1. This line is waiting for a poem to be wrapped around it: "Come, then, friend Tiger, let us dance...but beware the Snake...)


  2. The year of the Tiger. A bad omen. So hard not to make Tiger Woods jokes. So, so hard.

  3. Snakes and Tigers get along fine after a couple of beers. Not that would be particularly helpful for you. Well it might be I guess, it just might.

  4. Now I forgot what I am, but it is interesting, and I do follow my horror-scope...like this one-

    Gemini May 20 — June 20
    OK. While in a blue funk, you decide to sell yourself to Cirque du Soleil. And now you wear a sequined leotard to the bank and hang from a silk ribbon every night by your teeth. Well, you’re cured. Nevertheless, life isn’t all gasping crowds. You may be double-jointed but your memories move in a single direction…

  5. I'm a Tiger. A Water Tiger, which makes me a little less harsh than other element Tigers.

    Don't forget Free Will ~ often missing from any brand of Astrology.

    Have a great year anyway!

  6. I'm a tiger, a metal tiger. Interesting stuff and pretty close to accurate about me.

  7. very interesting! i was born in the year of the Ox. Not to glamorous. Least compatible with Goats and Horses. Most compatible with Rats and Roosters. I should check out where my boss falls in the spectrum....

  8. I have no clue what I am.

    But I do subscribe to the of maintaining friends part. It's always a good policy.
    And snakes kinda freak me out.

  9. I'm a dog. A dog who is trying really hard not to make snake jokes.


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